Good Lesbian Books Recommends LvZ books

Good Lesbian Books recently posted on Lesbian Zombie Fiction providing a list of books currently in available in the genre.

There are some great books listed, including all of the LvZ novellas.

We’re thrilled to be recognized!

Their summary of the series:

The Lesbians Vs. Zombies series is published by Noble Romance about … well, lesbians and zombies. Sometimes the lesbians are the zombies, and sometimes they’re fighting the zombies, and sometimes they are hiding from the zombies. With a couple of exceptions, they are all softcore erotic romances, and range from science fiction, to urban paranomal fantasy to historical fantasy. The horror level goes from from terrifying to ‘adventure’. They are generally well written, some predictable and some not, and – as long as you aren’t expecting too much – provide for a quick, fun read.

A big thanks for including us!

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JOIN US TOMORROW (6/5), Love Romances Cafe, 8-5 est

Woo-hoo, the gang’s all back!

Please Join the Lesbians vs Zombies Authors

At Love Romances Cafe (yahoo group)

From 8 am- 5 pm, Tues, June 5.



(anyone who attended our last online chat
can attest to this!)

If you haven’t picked up a copy of each book yet,
this is an excellent chance to stop by and win one,
maybe two. :-).

Find the entire line at


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Zombie Soundtrack – Kate Devlin

Author Kate Devlin has sent along a set of songs to add to the Zombie Soundtrack.

I love the song she chose to start with! Rockapella with Zombie Jamboree:

The entirely appropriate Danse Macabre – Saint-Saëns:

WARNING this next one is NSFW! Closer by Nine Inch Nails:

And lastly Pink – Who Knew?



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Midnight Melody by Kate Devlin – Release Day!


The first book of the second round of Lesbian vs Zombie releases is out and it’s the rollicking Midnight Melody by Kate Devlin. Another first time author, let’s give her a big round of applause.


Wait? You want to know more? Okay. 🙂 Here is the lovely cover!

And the blurb, ’cause you know you want to read it!

Overriding the misgivings of her pregnant lover Gillian, Francesca braves the zombie-infested Texas hill country with Gillian at her side and a floorboard full of zombie-repelling spray canisters. Their goal: to spend a weekend with famed composer and director, Sidney Foster–who is also Gillian’s ex. Francesca, a lyric soprano, sees Sidney as her express ticket to the New York world of music. With, of course, her pianist Gillian. Although the notoriously manipulative Miss Foster might still see Gillian as an express ticket to the bedroom, Francesca is confident she can handle whatever comes.

But why did the master composer turn her isolated home into an absolute beacon for every hungry zombie around?

First chapter is up for preview over at Noble Romance. Go check it out!

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Zombie ASL (American Sign Language)

Editor Ruby Green sent me this fun link to common ASL words, favored by Zombies.

Head over to The Lurking Merchan on Hub Pages for the full scoop. 🙂

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LESBIANS VS ZOMBIES – a series review

Over at Anything Horror, Deggsy read almost all the stories from the series and has reviews of each.

He posted this wonderful intro:

Hope and Crosby. Simon and Garfunkel. Ham and Pineapple. Combinations you never thought would work well together, but when they do get together, you wonder why no one had thought of them before. Or you don’t. It’s late in the evening when I’m writing this, so it sounds profound to me.

To that list maybe should be added Lesbians and Zombies. Or rather, Lesbians Vs Zombies. I must confess to a prurient fascination with both these things, and books and movies of them have occupied my shelves and my hard drive – but always separately. I wouldn’t have thought to have combined the two.

Luckily someone else did, and the good folks at Noble Romance thought the same. Thanks to author and tweeting friend of mine Ren Thompson, I became alerted to a line of novels and novellas marketed by Noble Romance under this banner.

Head on over and see what he has to say.


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Review of Zapocalypse!

Maryam, over at The Lesbrary reviewed D. Dye’s Zapocalypse!

Here are some of her comments:

I feel as though Lesbian Zombie Literature is the new genre to look out for. We seem to have gotten quite a few books like this to review lately! D. Dye’s Zapocalypse: The Midnight Special appealed to me the most because it is set “in some hick-ass town deep in the swamps of southern Georgia”. Sounds about two skips and a jump from where I grew up.

I really enjoyed this novella – the characters are enjoyable, the sex scenes are wonderful and hot, and the narration had a Southern feel.

There’s a lot more. Click here for the full review.

Congrates to D. Dye. Nice, review there!


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Zombie Soundtrack – Ellie Heller

Here’s the soundtrack for Ginny’s Capture.

First the book trailer:

I too have chosen to go with a sequence reflective of the story line. Which means I’m starting with Music To Watch the Girls Go By, the instrumental version by Ronnie Aldrich:

Then, the one song which is named in the story, James Taylor’s Carolina on My Mind.

Next there’s a scene which talks about a *kind* of music, but doesn’t name the song. Had a hard time finding the right song for this. Think this one will work though, Midnight Woman by King Kobra.

Finally, yeah, You Are So Beautiful to Me the Joe Cocker version, ’cause that’s the ONLY one.

Hope you enjoy!

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Zombie Soundtrack – Jadette Paige

Today Jadette Paige is sharing her Zombie Soundtrack. Set in a history which might have been, here is her blurb:

In the age of Amazons, fighting spirit and a courageous heart revealed a warrior’s true strength.  Threso proved her prowess a decade earlier, in an epic battle against invading Spartans.  Now, as she enjoys the continued peace, she looks forward to a possible future with her young recruit, Kreousa.   But the gods lay a challenge to discover who has the strongest warrior spirits: Amazons or Spartans.  Because the gods have a wicked sense of humor, the Spartans are undead.  To make matters worse, they have chosen the unseasoned Kreousa to accompany Threso.  Will Threso lose the one woman who has instilled a song of love in her?

Jadette created a sound track following the arc of her story. Her entire musical score is by Kevin Mcleod.

To start Air Prelude:

Next in the story Darkness is Coming:

Chase (hard not to say where in the story this is without giving away spoilers):

Final Count (seriously, if I didn’t know better I’d think this was written for her story, particularly the start!)

and, to the close out the sequence, Loss:

Great selections.

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Nether Regions Review – 4 hearts!

Hearts on Fire, reviews with personalities, gave four out of five hearts to Jadette Paige’s Nether Regions.

Sean starts the review stating:

Once again, I challenged myself to get out of my comfort zone and I’m glad I was given a chance to read Nether Regions. The author wrote it beautifully. Threso was an experienced warrior and she spied a gorgeous woman name Kreousa, who happened to be an inexperienced warrior, as well as Threso’s student.

The review it its entirety is up at Hearts on Fire, go take a look!

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