Welcome To Lesbians vs Zombies!

Dare to enter a world where the dead walk free. Where danger and desire lurk around every corner. And where women find lust and love with women.

Welcome to Lesbians vs. Zombies: The Musical Revue. Each number in our lineup gives you not only different heroines but a different take on the zombie itself. Some of the girls are zombies. Some are neither zombie nor human.  Most are humans trying to survive in a world gone unpredictable, where any shadow might hide nightmarish danger or unquenchable desire. Heat levels range from smoky-sweet to explosive.

Put on the music and join us. A mix of some of the hottest and newest authors of erotic romance stands ready to take you on a series of gripping, pulse-pounding journeys to colleges around the globe and across time, to introduce you to women who learn to truly live by fighting the undead, side by side and heart to heart. From whimsical to ominous, these stories will make you shiver with fear and delight.

Lesbians vs. Zombies: The Musical Revue

Coming soon from Noble Romance Publishing

Keep watching this blog for further updates!

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6 Responses to Welcome To Lesbians vs Zombies!

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  2. nitethyme says:

    Love the header for this blog! The stories sound intriguing and fun. Will look out for the release date and grab my copy.

  3. KevaD says:

    Thank you, nitethyme!!

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  5. Rhonda D says:

    Isis, and the zombie with flowers in her hair Thanks for the giveaway! Woo hoo!

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