Zombie Soundtrack – J.S. Wayne

J.S. Wayne said at one point he wanted to make Dead Means Dead a book which was a musical, but then realized he was not a lyricist and instead worked on incorporating music other way.

J.S. hasn’t made a book trailer, so to remind you of the story, his book blurb:

Louise is having a bad day: studying for exams, play rehearsals under a director she can’t stand, and ill-fitting shoes. Surely, there’s a limit to what a girl has to put up with!

But her day improves when she meets the pretty, new stagehand, Angie. An instant attraction leads to a sexy sojourn in Louise’s dressing room. The rest of her day seems almost tolerable, until the director barges in on their interlude and collapses—before reviving to attack Louise. Angie fights him off, and the girls flee to the safety of the quad. Soon they learn their fallen assailant is only the first wave of a terrifying outbreak.

Their best hope to stay alive is to stay together. As they explore each other’s bodies and learn the deepest secrets of their hearts, Louise and Angie discover that each has found something in the other’s arms they never knew they wanted.

But they have to survive first.

There oughta be a law: dead means dead . . . .

The first song in the Dead Means Dead soundtrack, High Roller by The Crystal Method

Followed by Clubbed To Death, from the Matrix Soundtrack

And then, Playing With Lightning – Expansion Union on the Blade soundtrack (think there’s a trend here 🙂 )

And finally, The Name of the Game by The Crystal Method

Have any you think he should have used? Let us know!

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I write stories tingling with magic, romance and suspense. So many ideas, so little time.
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