LESBIANS VS ZOMBIES – a series review

Over at Anything Horror, Deggsy read almost all the stories from the series and has reviews of each.

He posted this wonderful intro:

Hope and Crosby. Simon and Garfunkel. Ham and Pineapple. Combinations you never thought would work well together, but when they do get together, you wonder why no one had thought of them before. Or you don’t. It’s late in the evening when I’m writing this, so it sounds profound to me.

To that list maybe should be added Lesbians and Zombies. Or rather, Lesbians Vs Zombies. I must confess to a prurient fascination with both these things, and books and movies of them have occupied my shelves and my hard drive – but always separately. I wouldn’t have thought to have combined the two.

Luckily someone else did, and the good folks at Noble Romance thought the same. Thanks to author and tweeting friend of mine Ren Thompson, I became alerted to a line of novels and novellas marketed by Noble Romance under this banner.

Head on over and see what he has to say.


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I write stories tingling with magic, romance and suspense. So many ideas, so little time.
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