Authors and Their Stories

The complete line up of stories, listed by publication date.

The Zombie With Flowers In Her HairIn the sex, drugs, and peace era of 1969, a recently departed and undead young woman nicknamed Isis can’t deny her desires for a mysterious and beautiful zombie with flowers in her hair.  While Isis tries to learn the identity of the woman of her dreams, the flowered zombie begins to teach her that sometimes we must die in order to understand our reason for living.
Amber Green

Dead Kitties Don’t Purr

People who take their shots and do as they’re told have nothing to fear, right?  The Rabies Z epidemic began and ended in Miami this past summer, didn’t it? And that guy my daddy saw at the Jacksonville airport last week was just having an epileptic seizure. No cause for alarm. Epilepsy always causes an eighteen-hour hazmat shutdown at a major airport.  Right? Right. So while my twin tours to flog her newest album, here I am, Camie Invisible, parked at this nice, safe college–as far from the infection as I can get and still pay in-state tuition. Only now my studies have become focused on the fascinating Risa Ruiz. And she has eyes for me.  Isn’t this the perfect time for the z-things to show up?

K.B. Cutter
Undead Reflections in a Jaundiced EyeAn undead infestation can be a real killjoy. For a group of misfit weekend bikers holed up in roadside dive, this is the understatement of the century. One of them, Kendra Moore, a jaded misanthrope, examines her life as civilization crumbles. Will true love with Zoey Rodriguez finally pierce the cynical veil shrouding her heart before the zombie horde devours her flesh?
D. Dye

Zapocalypse-The Midnight Special

Who knew two lesbians stranded in some hick ass town deep in the swamps of southern Georgia would become local legends, heroes in their own right?  Gina and Ginger sure as hell didn’t.  But that’s exactly what they became on the night of The Midnight Special.  Battling redneck hypocrites on a nightly basis at the diner was bad, but battling those same inbreds turned zombie was a whole different breed of stupid.  Yet with their iPods jacked up and blasting Creedence Clearwater Revival, that’s just what they’re doing: kicking some serious zombie ass!  With half the town looking out their backdoors and the other half dreading that bad moon a’rising, Gina realizes she and Ginger have been thrust into a fight for the town as well as their lives.

J.S. Wayne
Dead Means DeadLouise is having a bad day: a near-fatal overdose of nicotine while cramming for exams, rehearsal under a director she can’t stand, and ill-fitting shoes.  Surely there has to be a limit to what a girl has to put up with!  But then she meets the pretty new stagehand, Angie.  Instant attraction leads to a sexy sojourn in the dressing room.  The day’s looking up, until the director barges in on their interlude and falls no-pulse dead on the floor–only to recover and attack Louise.  Angie savagely defends Louise and they flee to the safety of the quad.  The girls discover that their fallen assailant is only the first wave of a horrific outbreak and that their campus is cut off from the outside world.  Their best hope to stay alive is to stay together.  Exploring one another’s bodies and learning the deepest secrets of their hearts in the enforced closeness, each finds in the other’s arms something she never knew she wanted.  But before they can fully explore their new passion, they must learn to survive in a terrifying new world.  There oughta be a law: Dead means dead!

Jadette Paige

Nether Regions

In the age of Amazons, fighting spirit and a courageous heart revealed a warrior’s true strength.  Threso proved her prowess a decade earlier, in an epic battle against invading Spartans.  Now, as she enjoys the continued peace, she looks forward to a possible future with her young recruit, Kreousa.   But the gods lay a challenge to discover who has the strongest warrior spirits: Amazons or Spartans.  Because the gods have a wicked sense of humor, the Spartans are undead.  To make matters worse, they have chosen the unseasoned Kreousa to accompany Threso.  Will Threso lose the one woman who has instilled a song of love in her?

Ellie Heller
Ginny’s CaptureTwo years ago Deidra Montague royally screwed up with Guinevere. Now Dee secretly works for the fae council, breaking up potential zombie swarms, while Ginny–a mortal–attends grad school, preparing for a career helping survivors of zombie attacks.  Even apart, Dee still watches over Ginny. How could she not, after learning that the woman she betrayed has been blessed as her mate?  Now students from Ginny’s school are dropping out in alarming numbers and turning up infected with the zombie virus. When Dee finds out, she decides it’s time to extract her mate from the mounting peril. Only she arrives to find Ginny in the thick of things, trying to solve the problem herself. Just like old times. With drugged-up zombies everywhere, casket sales on the rise, and saccharine bubblegum pop constantly playing in the background, Dee decides it’s time to lay her heart on the line. Because she’s the only one who’s going to capture Ginny.

Kate Devlin
Midnight Melody

Overriding the misgivings of her pregnant lover Gillian, Francesca braves the zombie-infested Texas Hill Country with Gillian at her side and a floorboard full of zombie-repelling spray canisters. Their goal: to spend a weekend with famed composer and director, Sidney Foster–who is also Gillian’s ex. Francesca, a lyric soprano, sees Sidney as her express ticket to the New York world of music. With, of course, her pianist Gillian. Although the notoriously manipulative Miss Foster might still see Gillian as an express ticket to the bedroom, Francesca is confident she can handle whatever comes.

But why did the master composer turn her isolated home into an absolute beacon for every hungry zombie around?.

R. Renee Vickers

Evening at the M.U.T.

Date T.B.A. Erin and Sarah have the opportunity of a lifetime, demonstrating a machine with seemingly limitless potential to tap into the power of the human mind.To the Board of Trustees of the Massachusetts University of Technology, the girls’ project is simply an avenue to further their personal gain and nothing more. During the demonstration, the arrogance of the powerful men proves to be their damnation when an accident they caused leads to unforeseen and terrifying results.

Now the two lovers must find a way to quell the plague their machine has unleashed, but to do so they first have to redefine their perceptions of what is real and possible. When science and magic meet, the line between horror and hope blurs.

Keep checking back for the latest on who’s joining the Zombie Apocalypse!

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  2. Wow, all the stories sound amazing. Congratulations to everyone.

  3. Like the variety, can’t wait to read them!

  4. My readers and I are practically bouncing off the walls to find out more about this strange combination of titles. Judging books by the covers………………These Stories are Going To Be AMAZING!

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